Apr 7, 2013

Anakin the Two-Legged Cat Conquers Huge Cat Tree!

Anakin the two-legged cat is nothing short of the cutest miracle there ever was. He was born with no back legs... but that doesn't stop him from scaling the biggest, baddest cat tower any kitty has ever seen!

His mom says he likes to sleep on the high perches, and even jumps down all the time with no fear at all!

P.S. Our transport is now NEXT weekend. The kitties needed an extra week to get over some little sickies. We still need help with a couple legs:

***Jacksonville, FL to Savannah, GA***
***Manning, SC to Fayetteville, NC***

If you can help drive either one, please fill out our transport volunteer driver form And if not, please share with your friends!

Merryweather and her babies, Flora and Fauna really want to ride in your car!
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  1. Go Anakin.....you are amazing....and so cute! <3 Dorian, good luck on next weeks transport. Hope all goes as planned.

  2. Wow Anakin is fast too. How wonderful.

  3. Great job, Anakin! What a great and brave kitten! Also, kuddos to her human mom!

  4. i love Ani ! he also has a new little brother Mika with partially missing rear legs.

  5. Andrea & the Celestial KittiesApril 7, 2013 at 8:22 PM

    What an amazing kitty!

  6. Anakin is such an inspiration and so cute!

  7. Anakin is immortalized! He is an amazingly active wee thing and nothing is going to stop him - absolutely nothing. Merryweather and her sweet babies so need that ride to their new home. So beautiful!

  8. Wonderful, and he is also a black and white (cow) kitty! Beautiful and thanks to their guardians - if you Vicki, kudos!

  9. alas, no. i have to love Ani from afar.

  10. HE IS ONE BRAVE catter! He goes everywhere and hardly notices that he is different. it is just normal for him. thanks for the video. Inspiration for all who have to overcome something in their life..

  11. Anakin is a Super Kitty!!!! So cute and strong! Cute siblings too. Love love love! I love that post too.


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