Apr 29, 2013

Pictures of the Cats We Saved from the Hoarder House! #SaveHoarderCats

Hi Cuteheads! In case you missed it, we did an emergency rescue transport on Saturday and got seven cats from Tampa, FL who were in a hoarding situation. I have pictures of them down here now!

These seven cats were all originally rescued from our local shelters in Miami and Broward, so we wanted to get them back down here to find them real homes! The transport happened on Saturday, and the cats arrived back in South Florida late at night and settled in to our kitty condo (we have a fabulous friend who has offered up her empty condo as a safe haven for these lucky kitties!).

I am happy to share that they all seem pretty healthy. One has some eye issues, which we'll have treated and one if very thin... but she's been eating up a storm since she got down here, so we're hoping she'll fatten up fast.

I wanted to introduce you to the seven kitties we re-rescued! I'll be keeping everyone updated on how they do, which will need homes and what care they are getting. Thank you to everyone who donated to help them!

Say hello to Aurora! She is the one with the eye issues.
Meet Adele! (and my dad in the background)
The Calico! She is Adele and Aurora's sister - they were originally surrendered together.
Casper enjoying the bathroom counter.
Misty! She is the skinny one. Eat up, girl!
Panther. You know there had to be a black kitty!
And last but not least, miss Pretty in the window. She is 15 years old!
Enormous thanks to Cuteheads Evyan W., Tristin B. and Pam C. for getting them together and here safe, and to Byron T. for settling them in the condo! And thanks to my parents for visiting them Sunday and taking these cute pictures!

Right now the cats are safe and enjoying the luxury of a whole condo with plenty of space to run around and be happy. There were 85 cats in the house they came from, so this must be such a treat!

The condo is empty in that no one lives there, but it is right across the street from my office and our friend's office, and blocks away from my parents. They will get lots of love and attention and care and I can't wait to smooch them all like crazy!

They all tested negative for kitty cooties, but are going to the vet ASAP for all the rest of anything they might need. Our partner in rescue, Good Karma Pet Rescue, and our awesome vet, Dr. Seskus of East Oakland Animal Hospital, are going to see to it that these kitties are perfect as can be!

I'll update more frequently on our Facebook page and Twitter, so be sure to follow there.

Aren't these the cutest kitties?!

P.S. Tomorrow is my birthday! Having these kitties safe is one of the best presents ever.

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  1. Wonderful News! Glad they are doing much better and are safe and Loved. Thank for saving these poor cats. :))

  2. Such pretty kitties. So wonderful that they are safe and happy in a condo!!! God bless everyone who helped to bring these kitties to a safe,clean place with food, beds, and love and hugs!!! You are amazing, Dorian. Hugs and smooches to all. <3

  3. YAAAY!! THANK YOU for saving them!! I wish MORE people would do that!! And major thanks too, to the lady in whose condo they are safely ensconced!! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  4. Bless you for the work you do. These are lucky kitties.

  5. They look great, Dorian!! Thank you to everyone who took on this big event!!!

  6. Thank you for the pictures Dorian and for all the work you do. You should well enjoy your birthday tomorrow after accomplished another amazing project with the kitties being safe and secure. Why am I thinking that Adele, Aurora and Miss Calico.were just recently transported? I remember pictures of them. Great work by all of you - again! Hugs to all, and start early on your birthday celebrations! Have a happy one!

  7. Dot is at another rescue in Tampa. We have someone interested in adopting her, so we may try and get her still -- but she is safe!

  8. Thanks, Jean! Yes, these girls and Pretty were sent up to the woman in August of last year.

  9. Bless you all. This is so fantastic!! Those cats are lucky and now safe. What happened to all the others?

  10. Happy Birthday Dorian...the blessings you give to those critters will be repaid to you many times over no doubt.

  11. Happy birthday dear Dorian. I am so happy that you consider the rescue of those 7 kitties as your best present. You're such a wonderful person and deserve much more for all what you do for our beloved felines.

  12. Great pics!!! So glad they are safe and sound now. Best of luck to their health and happiness. Paws crossed to finding loving homes soon!!!

  13. I live in Colorado and volunteer at our local no-kill animal shelter - thank you for all you do - bless all of you who help these wonderful cats...

  14. Thanks for saving them again. You are an angel.

  15. All of the cats found either rescues, adopters or homes. A few are still waiting for transport as far as Michigan! So many people scrambled to help them.

    Amazing, just amazing. <3

  16. Victoria PinkertonMay 2, 2013 at 4:07 AM

    Another sad case, but how wonderful they all look just drinking in the peace and love being showered on them!
    You guys do a wonderful, wonderful job saving so many of these poor little kitties. I guess it was traumatic for the home they were rescued from, but no person could adequately care for 85 (?) babies. Love & cuddles to them all! Victoria P

  17. Again, wonderful work Dorian......saving kitties is your mission and you do it so well. Good luck on next week ends trip and little Misty is going to queen. She was the little one that looked so skinny but not getting larger. She is so young but that does happen so frequently at 4-5-6 months and poof! Good luck! You do so much for them all.

  18. And, do have a wonderful Mother's Day with your mom and family. Yes, I'm sure Pimp and Moo will leave you 'specials'.


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