May 3, 2013

Momma Cat Adopts Baby Bunny

When a baby bunny needed a mommy and didn't have one of her own around, the pretty momma kitty stepped up to the plate and adopted the little thing (who isn't really so little and is actually bigger than her kittens)!

Now they all belly up to the milk bar and drink away to their hearts content. I have a feeling they'll all grown big and strong and be the best of friends!

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  1. Sometimes it might get a bit crowded around the milk bar - but I bet all of those cuties receive their fair share. What a wonderful Momma cat! Made me smile all long the video.Thanks

  2. What a sweet video. Maternal instincts run rampant with so many of our domesticated animals. The bunny is quite large in comparison but it doesn't seem to matter. I had the same thing with a friend's baby Siamese when the mom's milk dried up and one of my mommie's took on the two extra even though they were 21 days apart. A little butter on their faces help and they immediately want to wash them off and make them theirs.

  3. What a sweet momma! those kittens are TOO CUTE! LOOK at those round heads! Love it!

  4. Animals are amazing!! So loving and caring. Love them all. Lucky bunny to have a kind mama.

  5. Nursing a baby bunny must feel different with those little front bunny teeth!


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