Apr 23, 2013

Two Cats Tuesday: Moo's Prissy Crossed Paws

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today Pimp wants to apologize because he didn't do anything cute this week. Well, nothing cute enough to report or that I caught on camera, anyway!

Moo, though... Of course that silly boy came through.

In fact, he has his paws crossed that Pimp will be more cooperative for next week's Two Cats Tuesday...

Paws crossed I don't have to carry the whole Cute load myself again next week!
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  1. Andrea & the Celestial KittiesApril 23, 2013 at 3:28 AM

    Aww, you did a good job Moo. Paws crossed that you don't have to do all the cute next time anyway!

  2. Moo is saying prayers for all the babies that you are saving and sending on to new lives in other States, and loving homes. My Tiki used to do that all the time.

  3. I agree with Jean, his paws crossed are for all of the kitties that need homes! Also because he is a distinguished gentleman!

  4. Moo really looks, in that photo, as though he has long gloves on.
    I agree with the others, also, regarding adoptions.

  5. Hi Moo......you are so cute with those crossed paws. I know you make your momma proud. Say hello to Pimp for me!! Love you both!

  6. Awww. He's just in time for his close up!! Purrrfect!

  7. Let's have a family meeting! Aaww, Moo you are so cute! The white on both his legs are equal distance up to his black fur! Don't you love how cats' prints are just so magnificent and like art? Traces of prints the same as one side to the other or draws a picture like Moo's heart legs. I love it!

  8. That cat is cute

  9. He reminds me of one of the swans in Swan Lake...


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