May 7, 2013

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp's Brown Belly and Moo's Workout Plans

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today we get to see Pimp's brown belly (although he would rather us not!) and Moo has decided that he is going to work out.

Pimp is not a brown tabby, really... except his belly. When he was fat, this belly was huge! And it was brown and it kind of lied next to him when he would lie on the couch. Now it's still brown and it still lies next time, but not as much. It's kind of just an accent color!

My belly is my buddy. It lies with me. 
You guys aren't talking bad about my belly are you?!
Sigh. I can't help that it's brown. 
Moo on the other hand, I guess he's decided he's going to do something about his belly because his new favorite spot is in my boyfriend's gym bag.

I'm practically a 15-lb weight. Just lift me!
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  1. Silly kitties. Pimp just needs to tuck his tummy. And Moo should hide IN the bag like Sherpa. Then he can go to the gym

  2. PIMP! who knew you had that poufy belly? Dorian is always talking about your heart shaped nose! It's ok, I have a belly and so does Grayball! Moo must like your boyfriend because he does not want him to leave! Have a great tuesday!

  3. I love Pimp's belly! I love everything about Pimp. We would NEVER talk bad about his belly! And Moo you look very handsome on the black bag with the red accent stripe!

  4. Pimp has an adorable soft, squishy tummy like my SGt. Pepper had who was a silver tabby but yet had brown on his tum as well. Very sweet. Moo you do look like a very handsome boy ready to go work out.

  5. I think Pimp's belly isn't so much large as moulded - to the sink we've seen him in.

  6. an accent pooch! LOL! cute

  7. Ah -- Moo LIKES your boyfriend! And I love Pimp's b.b.

  8. Hi Pimp and Moo.....wonderful to see you guys! Love you both!!! Great that Moo likes the boyfriend. And I don't see a thing wrong with Pimp's belly!!! Sweet kitties.

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  10. Awe, love the brown tummy on Pimp! Just more to love. All except two of my cats have tummys that dangle, even though they are not overweight. They've had them since they were kittens. The two cats that don't are more athletic looking and sleek. Must be the type of cat.

  11. Pimp gracefully earned that poufy brown belly. Reminds me of a song; "Whoa, black belly (bam-A-lam)" ;-)
    ....Ok, so I changed one word....(Betty)

    And yes, I agree, Moo is showing love!


  12. Pimp's belly is sweet! And Moo has a new bed,

  13. Awww, such a sweet brown belleh! My belleh sorta lies with me too....although I'm not so happy about that.


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