Jun 24, 2013

Fluffy Kitten Sleeping in a Cup

This cup overfloweth with floof.

A tiny kitten snoozing away in a tiny tumbler. She's all snuggled up, snug as a cat in a cup!

P.S. The #12cats14drivers transport was a success! The kitties arrived at their spots safely last night. Eleven kitties went to HART of Maine rescue and Ellie, lucky girl that she is, went to her new forever home in Massachusetts!

Ellie and her new mommy, Jennifer C.!
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  1. How cute is that!!! Love the song too.
    P.S. Why is it if we try to leave a comment using our google account, we get directed to a page that says we must sign up for a discus account?

  2. And why when it used my twitter acct for months, then switched to my discus? LOVE THE KITTEN!!!!

  3. What a darling wee baby. They are so flexible and sleep so soundly they just fall asleep wherever they may be. So, if she got in the cup and loved the song, she was a very happy baby. I loved my 'whites' which I had for ages - longest one -20 years, Willow, with a sweet face like this baby.

  4. Sorry in my post, I neglected to say congratulations to another successful journey for the babies that were shuttled by the Cutehead Group and to Jennifer with her new baby Ellie. Again, thanks and great work Dorian plus, plus, plus....

  5. A cup full of sweetness! I love rescue stories! Good luck to all kitties.


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