Jun 27, 2013

Sleeping Dancing Kittens

Tiny kittens tend to make the cutest little dancing movements in their sleep!

A tapping toe, a twitching tail, a few ear flicks -- all make for the most adorable little sleeping dancing kittens!

NOTE FROM CUTE: Guess what? We're working on another transport for this weekend! This time there are nine kitties being saved from Gaston County animal shelter in Dallas, NC and heading up to rescues in Harrisburg, PA! We need a couple legs filled, if anyone is available:

Saturday June 29 afternoon
Statesville, VA to Wytheville, VA
Wytheville, VA to Roanoke, VA

If you can help drive, please fill out our volunteer transport form!

Here are some of the kitties coming along!




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  1. OMG those are the cutest sleeping kittens ever!!!!! I love the spiky tails, tongue sticking out, open mouths, kitten sleeping with eyes open, and the music also!! LOVE IT!! Blessings to you for doing all of the transports!!!!!

  2. Darling little things! Love them all, dancing, dreaming, snoring, purring, cuddling and whatever. So glad you have another transport and rescued more babies. Again, congrats! More fantastic work.

  3. The kittens in the video are so squeeably adorable. So sorry that we're away and can't help this weekend. Would love to meet all those itty bitty babies, especially the black kitties who hold a special place in my heart. Hope you get your drivers. Remember, we are available if the trip gets postponed. Janet

  4. I love the little tongue sticking out. So cute!
    Good luck on the transport. I hope these kitties find their forever loving home.

  5. I could eat them, they are so gorgeous!!! Love the little toe tapping right in time to the music @ the end !!
    Totally enchanting. I wanna be a foster Mom again!!


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