Jun 13, 2013

iPhone 6 for Cats!

If this was really the new iPhone, I think I'd be standing in line already!

It's actually quite genius, and I think most of us would find this new version of the iPhone 6 for Cats to be the best update yet (if it was real, of course). I particularly like the built-in laser pointer!

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  1. Hi Dorian,

    My husband and I just rescued a feral kitten. He was a little standoffish at first, but he's come around quite nicely. He's a sweetie, a cute little Manx mix, and he's a Tuxie! He's been with us for 12 days. Our adult cats (except Midge) are accepting him. :)


  2. Hi Dorian! I came over from Cheri's blog. I've been meaning to contact you about transporting kitties. I live in Maryland, between Washington & Baltimore. I do work full time, but could help on weekends.

    The iPhone video was cute, but the little black kitten at the end is the cutest ever!

    the mom at Twinkletoe Tails

  3. The little black cat is Cole.
    If you watch some of the other videos, you'll see him as a kitten and as he grows up.
    He was rescued by his human, I believe.

  4. love it! I want that black kitten!

  5. Aw, yay! How wonderful, Gina! <3 How old is he? Lucky, lucky kitty!

  6. Hi Paula! So nice to "meet" you! I'm glad you came over! (And I'm a sucker for little black kitties, too -- any black kitties really!)

    We would LOVE more transport help -- and especially in that area! We are actually working on another one in a couple weeks. Maybe you could help out with that one!

    Can you fill out our volunteer driver form? That way I have all your info so I can contact you?


    Thank you!

  7. Love the black kitten.....adorable.

  8. Love the kitties, and I love both of them. Would have both if I could. Sweet black kitten with it's blue eyes - wonder which colour they'll turn - gold or green? All baby kits have blue eyes but if there's Siamese in the background, it's a stunning effect to have a black cat with blue eyes. Have seen them. Rare unless an unplanned pregnancy!

  9. I love a guy who loves cats!! I love black cats!!

  10. Almost justifies the cost of an iphone! ALMOST...

  11. Texas, a Cat in New YorkJune 14, 2013 at 8:00 AM

    MOL! My human wants to upgrade her iPhone today ;-)

  12. You're correct; I WANT ONE!!! LOL!

  13. Gina Woods-NorrisJuly 9, 2013 at 7:54 PM

    I just saw your reply. He's 12 weeks old now. He was 7 weeks old when we adopted him. :)

  14. Great idea about free iPhones w/proof of adoption, and matching the cost of spaying/neutering with iTunes gift cards! I think Apple should take those ideas to heart!


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