Jun 15, 2013

Woodpile Kittens: Happy Stories of Rescued Kittens -- This is How it Should Be!

You may have heard about the woodpile kittens a "humane" officer shot and killed last week. This is NOT about that story. This is the happy stories of two different sets of kittens found in woodpiles, rescued, saved and loved. This is about how it should be.

The first set of woodpile kittens are a group of three rambuntious 4-week-old babies that were found along with their mom in a backyard. The woman who found them, brought the whole family into her home and is caring for them. They had terrible eye ulcers and have seen the vet and a specialist twice.

The kittens she rescued! Image from here. (It's a fundraiser page that is over. I messaged to see if she needs more.)
Joe, the black and white one defending his castle at the top of his scratcher is blind. Stormy (who looks like Grumpy Cat) and Mittens each have one good eye. Nothing stops them though! The most recent video was just posted yesterday, and this one below was just a few weeks ago.

Their momma cat is also very friendly and sweet!

The next woodpile kittens story is about Woody and Batty, two babies that were rescued after being trapped in a woodpile for several days with no food or water. They were brought into Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville, NC, where they were showered with love and vet care -- as it should be! Batty had a badly injured ear and Woody had a dislocated jaw and an injured eye. They are both very lucky to have such great care! (This was back in September 2012. I am not sure of any updates.)

This is what every kitten should have the chance at. A loving foster home and forever home to look forward to, and all the care they deserve. I love the people who helped and are helping the kitties up there!

NOTE FROM CUTE: The link at the very top is to my Catster article that I wrote about that idiot humane officer. Much is being done now to try and get that fool fired, and more. Alley Cat Allies has a petition going around (and they will be in that town soon for a protest) and the Ohio SPCA is also rallying to have him fired.

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  1. Hooray! oh, it's so nice to hear the happy stories of rescues and adoptions. And while we all hate the awful stories, they are reminders that when we see an animal in a bad situation, we need to ACT and act quickly before the idiots arrive.

  2. Love happy endings and the stories of these two sets of kittens are wonderful. Thanks to the people involved who cared and loved these kittens. <3

  3. Thanks Dorie Doll ! I hope they drag that disgusting cop through the mud!

  4. Thanks to those who help animals who are in need!!!

  5. i can only pray for the people who did wrong by the tiny ones and be joyful and thankful for their angles!!

  6. Thank you for great humane stories of how kittens can and should be helped. These really are helping with the rip in my heart from the killer Animal Control officer. Anyone who can shoot kittens needs psychological counseling big time. I pray he gets help or stopped before he does it again ♥

  7. i have signed 3 different petitions. your stories above are what we all hope for. <3

  8. I have signed every petition I could find (also on care2.com) in order to help firing the "humane officer". The stories above are wonderful and one just want to cuddle with those kittens. They're so lively and full of joy. Good luck to all of them and thanks for the good people who saved them.

  9. What sweet woodpile babies, and a wonderful mommy. They are all so adorable it makes you just want to take them all. I hope they all go to wonderful homes. As for the badass humane officer, yes, he needs to be fired and I've also signed every possible petition to help ensure that is done. Horrible 'inhmane' man! Bless those sweet babies - RIP sweet ones - wish we could do to him what he did to you, but......

  10. I can't stop crying after seeing that 3rd video--that poor baby's eye, & throat. Even though they've been treated so well (THANK YOU!!!), it just hurts--& I mean I actually, PHYSICALLY hurt!--even to think about their misery. Thank God for loving rescuers!


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