Jun 30, 2013

Keep Your Hands Down!

Freeze! Put your hands down! No really, don't you dare lift them.

This ginger kitty is the Hand Police, working hard to make sure no one dares lift their hands off the table. It's a two-paw job, but someone's got to do it.

BONUS CUTE: Now, put your paws up!

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  1. LOL.....that is the cutest!!!!

  2. Oh how cute!!! Thank goodness there is someone out there who has finally addressed the problem of raising hands off the table! Good Kitty!!! I love ginger kitties!!!

  3. too funny....and love the grin on the boy's face :)

  4. Kitty wonders why you guys can't follow orders!

  5. Very cute baby who is definitely on the alert - don't move a paw! There, take that!

  6. Cute cute cute!!


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