Jul 2, 2013

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp and Moo's New Bow Ties!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Pimp and Moo got some spiffy new bow ties this week, and they are both feeling like really dapper dudes.

You may notice that in all their pictures they are wearing bow ties. The boys are fancy, you know. Just plain collars won't do.

And the boys are extra lucky... Sweet Pickles Designs just came out with their new Summer Collection, and the boys are some of the first kitties to sport them!

Oh hai! My polka dot bow tie is "The Social Butterfly" design. The name matches me!

Does this bow tie make my nose look big?

Mine is "The Negotiator" bow tie. I do NOT negotiate with Moo about my food.
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  1. What chic names for those bow ties! Love those summer colors, looks like sherbet or sorbet colors Pimp and Moo your Mom loves you so much!!

  2. Oh such handsome boys! So stylish, so suave. They make my four cute girls SWOON! (That's an old fashioned word you don't hear much anymore).

  3. Love their bow ties......Pimp and Moo are such wonderful kitties.......and I think their Momma "spoils" them!! But she should!!! Love the pics! <3

  4. The boys are looking very dapper and summerish. Love the bow ties and esp. like the color of Pimp's - it shows off his own beautiful coat so well! Moo looks handsome too, of course! Why is he worrying about his nose??? LOL

  5. Sweet handsome boys with cute bows.
    Pimp looks a bit thinner. Is he doing good?

  6. How debonair! Looking good, Pimp and Moo!

  7. Sometimes, Cats Herd YouJuly 2, 2013 at 8:20 PM

    You both look very sharp in your bow ties!


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