Jul 1, 2013

Fat Cat Struggles to Fit in Tiny Box

No box is too small for a cat. Some of them just require a little extra effort, that's all. Especially if you're a bit on the chunky side.

Couple times she thinks she has it (right around :30 is a perfect example!), and gracefully and slowly starts to lower her fuzzy butt down, only to realize that's not quite right. Maybe making a little more space by kicking a paw out? Nah, that's not it either. Persistence pays off though!

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  1. Awwww someone give that girl a bigger box!

  2. Only a cat can have so much persistence to reach the goal it's seeking. What a wonderful and pretty kitty. Thanks for sharing.

  3. what a sweet video!!!! thanks for sharing!

  4. She is all pooped out after all that figuring out and squirming to settle in. She is so beautiful.


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