Aug 16, 2013

Horses Blowing Bubbles in the Water

Here's a beautiful, peaceful and relaxing video to end your week. Two gorgeous horses blowing bubbles in the water in a pond!

They're just enjoying a beautiful day and enjoying how wonderful the little things in life can be. Kind of makes me want to kick back and do nothing and just blow bubbles in a refreshing pond myself.

Take it slow today, everyone. Let's have an easy one. :)

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  1. Wonderful picture. Nice to watch.
    Thanks for the advice to take it slow today. Have a great weekend Dorian, Pimp and Moo!!!!!

  2. Beautiful and relaxing to watch. Horses are wonderful, gentle creatures of our history. Relax yourselves and have a great weekend.

  3. just what the doctored. take 2 daily and keep the bubbles coming.(front end only)

  4. ahhhhhh! I love this & I adore horses. They are so beautiful!!!

  5. Great music and sound effects! Lovely!

  6. Wonderfully relaxing video!! and beautiful music!!!

  7. These two feel like...> life at the Hilton...Surrounded by all the lush green grass they can eat and a relaxing bubble bath....No flies or heat to contend with...Hope no one made plans for that afternoon ride...These two aren't planning on going anywhere ....


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