Mar 11, 2014

Transport Happy Ending Photos (Hurray!) and a Little Bit of a Break

This past weekend we had another wonderful transport going on! Lots of kitties went to their forever homes all over the place!

I didn't share as much throughout as normal, so I wanted to share the best part... the new forever home pictures!

Ariel and her new mom, Cutehead Amy S., in Indiana!
Chatter and her wonderful new mom, Ashlee, in Illinois!
Ringo and his lucky new mom, Alicia, in New York!
And last but not least... old lady Gwen and her amazing new forever mom, Cutehead Karen R., in Maryland!
Remember the story of old lady Gwen, the old cat who's elderly owner surrendered her to the shelter in such a sad way that we jumped into action to save her? She is now safe and sound and will be spoiled!

Gwen's is one of my favorite rescue stories ever. Ever ever ever.

And about that break...

There is nothing more fulfilling that helping these kitties. I love all the people and all the lives we save, and we'll keep doing it!

But for now I'm going to take just a little break. The Cute will be back next week! I just need to take a few days and relax and do a little bit of nothing.

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  1. preston_margaret@ymail.,comMarch 11, 2014 at 6:33 AM

    I love happy endings! Enjoy your days of rest ...great job everyone hugs and purrs!

  2. Please take care of yourself and know how very much you are loved!

  3. Yay for these sweet kitties and their sweet people!! Have a good rest and we will hold down the Cute fort! lol

  4. Enjoy that well deserved break! We will miss you and the boys and all the cuteness, but we all know that a little down time is good for the soul!

  5. Congratulations Cuteheads and all the cuties they adopted! This is so wonderful! And yes you are entitled to a much deserved rest.

  6. Lady Gwen is a most wonderful happy!

  7. Hi Dorian, once again you did a great job.I'm happy to learn that the old Lady Gwen has found a home. I asked you a few times about her. I wish you a few relaxing days, you have earned them ! Good luck and enjoy.

  8. Enjoy your break! Thanks for all you do to help out the kitties. The ranch cats and volunteers think you rock!


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