Mar 7, 2014

Cat and Doberman Vs Pink Ball Problem-Solving Toy

Which one is smarter and better and figuring out this toy... Pancake the cat or Sugar Tree the doberman?

Actually, maybe the more important question is who is cuter doing it!

NOTE FROM CUTE: We have two transports going this weekend! Kitties going to Maryland, New York, Illinois and Indiana! Watch our Cute Transport Network Facebook page for updates! :)

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  1. We have two of these for our two kitties. They're called Slim Cat and you can adjust the hole size for whatever kibble you're using, or to make it harder. They love theirs! They also come in blue and green :)

  2. The kitty won, of course ! Kitties are so much smarter ! Wishing all your cuteheads and great and purrfect weekend.

  3. Persistence pays off, cute kitty!


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