Mar 5, 2014

How to Introduce Two Cats Together (a Cute Play-by-Play!)

Getting a new kitten (and keeping the peace) can sometimes be a pretty big mission -- and every mission should have this cute and happy of an ending!

While I think these people got lucky with how well and how fast Shorty and Kodi got along, they do have some great points, and some super cute video to go with it!

P.S. If any of my three cats slept together like that, I think I'd probably lose it. It would be a miracle. Haha.

P.P.S. We have a couple transports this weekend, and we only need ONE more leg covered! Can anyone help Saturday, March 8?

***Ashburn, GA to Atlanta, GA - afternoon***

If you can help, please fill out our volunteer driver from! Help us save some adorable kitties!

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  1. I was sooooo lucky with my two. By the second day they were fine.

  2. I love Shorty and Kodi! My 2 year old female had kittens earlier in the year and I think the dynamic changes when instead of brining home a kitten, they're born right in the home. Luckily my old man doesn't care as long as I still scratch his belly for 10 minutes per day and as long as the kittens leave him alone, he leaves them alone. Now if they come in his tower, he whacks em one good.
    P.S. Mama cat has been fixed and is being grouchy but is doing very well otherwise.

  3. Andrea & the Celestial KittiesMarch 5, 2014 at 6:17 AM

    That was awesome! I love those two! I wish my kitties would get along... I dont care if they sleep together, but they could at least be friendly, maybe play.. Ok, I admit it, I had dreams of two grey kitties curled up in a big grey ball and not being able to tell which was which.. Guess ya can't always get what you want. lol

  4. Loved this !!!!! Amazing. My 4 yr. old Sabrina would love to cuddle with my 14 yr. old male Smokey but he will have none of it. Sometimes they fall asleep together on the couch with maybe their paws touching. It's okay until he realizes it....then it's over!!! Shorty and Kodi are adorable.

  5. My two arenow together for 11 years. The male would love to play with the female (14 yrs old) but only growling he gets as answer. But when we had cold weather in FL, they slept together in my bed, which is normally just the place for Smoky, the female. This video is just too cute, will watch it again. Thanks for sharing.

  6. That is beautifully done an the cats sure are beautiful too.

  7. Feline introductions are usually easier when one is a kitten. But this was very cute to watch.

  8. I love this video!! I love those cats! Kodi is so feisty and Shorty on top of Kodi was hilarious! Too precious when they are grooming each other and sleeping together. Big Aaaaaawwww!


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