May 15, 2009

Cat in the Box Cat... with No Box?

This is the cat in the box cat that we all loooove, Maru. And he's back... and this time with no box.

No box, you say? That's just ridiculous! I know. It struck me as odd, too. This cat is always getting himself into something (even if it's not a box -- see his Bag on Head video!).

But now, here is is just looking cute. And you know what? I love this cat. I love in him a box or with a fox. In a bag or or on some shag... Anyway, you get the point. Cute loves Maru!


  1. In or out of a box, Maru is adorable! I love that big round face.

  2. How you dare to be so cute!!!! AAAWWWW

  3. I can not believe what a gentle cat Maru is, any other cat would be scratching or biting to get at the finger. Maru your one in a million.


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