Nov 8, 2009

Kitty Does the Laser Dance

I know Sundays are supposed to be lazy, but I figured we'd get a little funky instead with the Kitty Laser Dance!

Get loose, cute kitty... laser loose!


  1. This is cute but it's dangerous to play with a laser beam. If it get's in kitty's eyes it could do damage!

  2. I did not know a laser beam could hurt a cat's eyes. Surely if you keep it on the floor, it would be all right. Cute video.

  3. I never knew that a laser beam would hurt a cat. We have played this with our cat forever, and she has no eye damage.

    According to the ever handy Wikipedia, the kinds of laser pointers sold as toys are the weakest kind, with power measured in less than one mW (milliwatt.) For lasers up to 5 mW, a human would sustain damage after deliberately staring at it for at least ten seconds.

    If you are pointing it at the floor, I can't see where there would be any damage to a cat's eyes.

  4. we love the laser lights too....sometimes 4 or 5 of us try to chase the same light and that can cause crashes, hisses, and waps on the head. We have put the Santa Paws widget on our blog and will send out $ for the shelter kitties.

  5. Haha! So that's what that red dot is! A laser light! We thought it was some sort of fast moving red bug!! We love playing with it too!!


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