Nov 10, 2009

Two Cats Tuesday: I Haz a Profile

Today we're going to take a look at Pimp and Moo from a different angle... from the side! My boys have some supermodel profiles.

Pimp my profile, indeed.

Pimp is a profile-picture-taking pro! He loves to pose juuuuust right.

Moo, on the other hand... when he sees the flashy thing, he lunges right for it -- making a profile shot nearly impossible. He's such a ham.

Don't you love that last picture? That's my Moo!


  1. Such beautiful boys!!!!

  2. Both Pimp and Moo have fabulous profiles!

  3. Those are great pictures of them both - we are so behind we didn't get to comment on how cute you were at Halloween so we wanted to throw that in!

  4. They are just so cute!
    Linking the blog!

  5. They are beautiful babies

  6. Pimp's fur looks like that thick, luxurious, pleasurable-to-touch type fur. Am I right?

    GORGEOUS kitties. They don't have a bad side!

  7. Daisy, thanks! I noticed you do, too, today!

    The Creek Cats and The Monkeys (you all sound like rock bands!), awww. I'll let Pimp and Moo know.

    Amy, Halloween was so silly for them. It's the first year I've had two kitties so I could "coordinate" their costumes!

    petchildo, thank you very much!

    Grace, I call Pimp "Baby Pimp" even though he's 10. They ARE my babies! ;)

    Robyn, you are so right. He is the softest cat. Every time we go to the V-E-T they comment about how soft and smooth his fur his. He should do a Pantene commercial! :)

  8. HaHa...pimp my profile!

  9. Awwww, such lovely faces. :) I heart Pimp and Moo!

  10. Such purrfect profiles Pimp and Moo!


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