Feb 20, 2010

Chubby Cheeks Hamster's Late-Night Snack

Smoke the hamster always gets some yummies for a late-night snack. He doesn't eat it all now though, he stores it in his cute chubby cheeks for later!

Oh, and his mommy knows just how much snack he can fit in his cheeks, and she said in the video description that he's perfectly fine nomming all this. (Make sure you watch to the end!)

How about a hamster vacuum next, please.

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  1. That is amazingly cute - especially funny in reverse!! And so funny how he leaves the half sunflower seed and only takes the whole ones!

  2. That is really something especially the last carrot. I can't believe he got all that into his cheeks and I don't think he can either.

  3. Wow, I wouldn't have thought it could possibly fit!

  4. Oh my gosh~ how cute is that? Too funny!

  5. i love how he actually nibbles some of that last carrot to get it to fit in his mouth! cutie pie! LOL

  6. Wow, the hamster eats more carrots in a day than I do. I love them as well. Very cute.

  7. LOL! I LOVE hamsters!! Look how cute that little guy is!!!

    Hey, thanks for the prayers and the kind words for Hobbes and me. He is still very sick, but he is showing signs of improvement and I have hope for him that he'll get well soon. I really appreciate the support more than you know!

  8. Wowza! That hamster is better than any vacuum! It doesn't make all that roaring monster noise!! And how did it get that carrot down?


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