Jun 9, 2010

Sneaky Seagull Steals Cat's Food

This seagull's got a lot of guts to just march in the house like this and swipe the cat's food! And with the cat right there watching, too!

If this happened in my house, there is no way the bird would get away with it...

Did you see the one where the sneaky raccoon steals a doormat?

Thanks to Cute's friends @mariodacat and Kelly for sharing this fun seagull vs. cat video!


  1. First thing I'd do is fire that cat! He should be disbarred from the cat society.
    That seagull is too funny. Just walks right on in and eats AND as a final insult comes back and takes the dish outside to finish eating. Too funny!!

  2. he he - i think it's soo funny.

  3. Oh we need to be there when that gull comes around. But he is a pretty big bird and probably would put up a big fight. That was funny, him taking the whole darn dish.
    Have a great day.

  4. Wow, that gull was a nervy thing! I would have whapped it.

  5. That poor kitty probably thinks it is just a dream!

  6. That gull is taking no chances. He is going to lick the bowl!

  7. I'm thinking, "oh cute, look how it only takes a few bits" then the end, when it takes the whole damn dish - OMG - too funny!

  8. We saw this video earlier today and was going to send it to you! Glad someone else had the same thought! This is so funny!


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