Jan 10, 2011

Kitten Loves to Play Fetch

If you ask me, I think this kitten fetches better than any dog I've ever seen! Which is cute, yes, but the cutest part? Listen to how happy he is while he does it!

He meows for the ball the be thrown, mews all the way to go get and and then purrreows when he brings it back. The fetching is cute, but the noises might be even cuter.

BONUS CUTE: Did you see the little kitten fetches big towel?


  1. he he - M wants to know how to train a kitty to do dat so I'll bring back toys after she throw dem.

  2. Kip is staring at the laptop like what the..! LOL

  3. Fred the Farm cat was like that. He loved to play fetch

  4. That is just so cute. Love that video.What a smart kitty. We liked the noises too. That was fun.

  5. That cat is so excited to fetch!! Even voices her excitement!! Very precious!!!

  6. Yep, that is super cute!


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