Jan 11, 2011

Two Cats Tuesday: Do Cats Get Split Ends?

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today we have a question for you. I know the answer, but I just found out a couple days ago: Do cats get split ends?

Up until this week, I'd have said no. But Moo, in his usual goofball fashion, has proven me wrong. That boy just doesn't do anything the normal way, I tell you!

I have no idea what it is, but lately his eyelash whiskers have been an absolute mess. A mess! Just look.

What? Just because half of my eyelash whiskers are completely broken off and the other half are dangling all over and split... That doesn't mean I'm messy!

Seriously, though. Look at that top one on the left there. It's totally split! They've been breaking off a lot in the past couple days and I can't figure out why.

He does love to headbutt me. When I pick him up, the first thing he does is dive head-first into my neck or cheek and just jam his forehead there repeatedly. Maybe that's it? But that's nothing new...

Or maybe he and Pimp have been playing a little too rough lately? Who knows? But what I do know is that Moo used to have the most luxurious lashes, and now look at him!

I'll show you seriously... Seriously CUTE!

Yes, we'll give him that one. I posted that picture on Cute's Facebook page about a week ago and it was just too cute to not share here, too. I think it's one of my favorite pictures of Moo!

Speaking of cute, look at my nose! Have you ever seen a cuter thing?

Hope you all have a great day! It's 1-11-11, so that must mean it's going to be an extra cute day!


  1. sooooooo "cute!"

    Tell him to use "Voluminous" by L'oreal...best out there!


  2. Moo, I think your broked lashes are cute! My whiskers are curly and very brittle, so they are always breaking off. One side is more broken than the other, so my Mommeh thinks that might be the side I sleep on most.

  3. Oh, I never noticed that they split! I think your Mommeh is just looking at you waaayyyy too closely.

    I love your heart-shaped nose!

  4. I bet it is from you head bumping Moo. We don't think they look bad at all. And that is one cute nose Pimp. You two are the very best. Keep up that cuteness. Have a great Tuesday and stay cute.

  5. Moo is ALWAYS cute, no matter what!

  6. Rupert nibbles on my whiskers and eyebrows and they get all splitty and stubbly!

    ~~ CC

  7. Maybe he is rubbing against his fancy new scratch pad?

  8. The second picture IS seriously cute! And I love kitty-headbutts!

  9. Oh I agrees wif Scoop maybe he head bonking his new fancy scratcher. MOL

    I wouldn't worries too much your boys are handsome mancats no matter what.


  10. Doesn't matter - you are cute no matter what!

  11. Oh we think that Moo is cute even if he has split ends on his eyelashes. I have seen that on occasion on my cats - I have no idea what causes it though. Maybe the dry winter weather is partly to blame (of course as I type I am checking out Gus's eyelashes to see if he has any splits - none I can see but one does curl at the end). And that cute picture of him really is just super cute! And of course Pimp looks adorable too!

  12. Here's a new one. Out little tuxedo cat, Scooter, changes the color of her eyelash whiskers but only on on side. The color switches from black to white. The other side stays black all the time. I just don't get it! - Fisher

  13. Another mystery about our sweet kitty kids!!!

  14. Moo is ALWAYS cute, no matter what!


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