Jan 12, 2011

Your Cat Wants You to Read This.

Good, you're here. That means you listen to your cat. Your cat wanted you to read this because they want to be a star in a national TV commercial. (And Cute is telling you how!)

We got wind that Fresh Step Cat Litter is doing a cute cat video contest, and the winning cats are going to be in commercials! You remember Maru's Fresh Step commercial? That could be YOUR KITTY on there next! (Ahem, if your cat does win, don't forget the little people and Cuteheads that knew you before he was famous... Just sayin'.)

All you have to do to enter your cat in the TV commercial contest is take a cute cat video and upload it to the Fresh Step YouTube page. Here are their tiny rules:

-Video size must be under 2GB
-Keep the focus on cats, not humans
-Try to keep it under 2 minutes
-We like cats being cats, not staged
-Try to shoot in good light
-Avoid package labels
-Please no music due to licensing rules
-Title your video and write a small description

That's it! Oh, and be sure to tell Cute if you send a video in so we can watch it and spread the word and cheer your kitty on! I'm going to enter one of Pimp and Moo, of course... ;)

Good luck to all the cute kitties out there! I just know one of you out there in Cuteheadland will be a winner!

Here's a totally-unrelated inspiration:

Check out all the entries so far (there are some cute ones!) here: http://www.youtube.com/freshstep.

In full-disclosure, this post is part of a sponsorship campaign with Clorox’s Fresh Step Cat Litter’s YouTube contest in coordination with Lijit Networks, Inc. I received compensation for these posts, but the opinions expressed here are my own. I also run third-party advertisements through Lijit, compensated on a CPM-basis.


  1. You humans are pretty funny about your cats. How many goat videos are there. Huh? Huh?

  2. Great post! I am also participating and my post date is tomorrow :) I could watch cute cat videos all day...and may have actually come close to that some days!

  3. Great post, my post is scheduled for tomorrow too, Angie! :) Loved the funny cat video.

  4. Loved it - except, of course, no one OWNS a cat...

  5. Great post, my post is scheduled for tomorrow too, Angie! :) Loved the funny cat video.

  6. I do not share my life with a cat, at the moment.
    Great idea, though.


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