Feb 26, 2011

Jimmy Cat Gives the Thumbs Up

Jimmy has a very cute, and very peculiar, special thing about him. See... he is a cat with thumbs.

A cat with thumbs?! I know what you will say (and believe me, I understand!). They've progressed faster than we'd ever thought possible.

And yet, we are still mind-boggled by their cuteness... Jimmy gets a thumbs-up from Cute!

Thanks to Cute's friends Vanessa and Samir for sharing this silly thumbs-up cute kitten video!


  1. My neighbor's cat had extra toes. It was pretty weird.

  2. OMC - He does have thumbs. What an adorable face too.

  3. Wow, he does have thumbs. We are so jealous. He can open things.And he is black, so we know he is really special.

  4. Jimmy would be very special even without thumbs!

  5. Yeap it's official then, cats can do anything humits can...in style!

  6. Polydactyl kitty!!! And it's black, so it has style and can-do!!!


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