Mar 29, 2011

Two Cats Tuesday: Tiny Head and Big Biteys

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! I realized I have been kind of switching off Pimp and Moo on Tuesdays, so today you get both!

Pimp had a serious session with his plague rat last night, and after 20 minutes of bunny kicking and sniffing, he was pooped out.

Yawn! I sure showed that plague ratsie who's boss. And I'll show him again! After this quick snooze...

What's that? You think my head is tiny? No way! Bad camera angle.

Moo heard the camera snapping, and like the little stinker attention hog that he is, came sauntering right over to tell me what he thought about the attention NOT being on him.

I put da bitey on you for ignoring me for two seconds!


P.S. Want more Two Cats Tuesday? Click on the tab a the top for the archive! Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Nothing like starting my day with Pimp and Moo! :) Now I know it is going to be a good day!

  2. DA BITEY!!! gave me the laugh I needed this morning! Thanks, Moo! :)

    Oh and Pimp, your head is not tiny. Mommy must be playing with photoshop or something. . . .

  3. I think Moo has been speaking to Lenny about dis Bitey thing!!! tee hee I heart Pimp and Moo!!! ;)

  4. Not THE BITEY!!!!!!!!
    The publicist must find out about this plague rat thing. She keeps reading about it but has never really seen one

  5. Glad we could give you a laugh! And it IS a bad angle, poor thing. If that was me, I'd never let that picture go up. Hehe.

  6. The bitey is ruthless. Every. Time.

    Click the link to see the plague rats! I linked in case anyone wanted to see. It goes to, which we love and don't get any money or anything to share. Both my boys love their ratsies. It's almost time for new ones, I think.

    Word of warning though... they really stink! ;)

  7. Aaaah, thank you. The Farm cats will have to save up their monies since they have donated them all lately.

    At least I know now what they are.

  8. Hey, I think that bitey thing counts as exercise!

  9. You silly two. Pimp, that would make us tired too. Too cute Moo but you are supposed to be cute.

  10. Those cow-cats have to butt into everything (gives Hard Look at Harley). I think Moo and Harley would be good buddies.

  11. I really think so, too, Daisy. Those two are clearly brothers from another mother.

  12. He is a little cute still putting the bitey on my arm, isn't he? ;)

  13. Yup! Donating is good. :) It's fun to have something to save up for!


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