Apr 29, 2011

Everyone, Meet Ted! - Hairball Awareness Day

Who is Ted, you all are wondering? Well, Ted is Moo's new friend. I guess you could say he's maybe kind of his brother. Well, he is made out of Moo anyway...

You see, today is National Hairball Awareness Day (Don't worry, Ted is NOT a hairball!) and the Cute is celebrating!

First, we used our FURminator to collect some furs.

Can you tell who's furs these are? Kind of cow-spotted, even in the bag, huh?

Then, we put the furs to fun use and made a Hairball Creature! Lots of other blogs are doing this today, so we hope ours isn't too boring...

I asked Moo what he wanted, and he said TUNA, so we made a tuna.

We know tunas don't have fur, sillies, but that's what Moo wanted at the time. You try and argue with Moo... It doesn't work.

And tada! Heeeere's Ted!

Moo thought maybe he'd try and nom on a piece of Ted, but I told him that was silly and put Ted's fur back together.

Ted needed an eyeball, don't you think. Now he's perfect!

Pimp thinks we're silly, but me and Moo had fun with Ted!

Thanks to FURminator for having this fun idea to celebrate National Hairball Awareness Day and asking us to participate. There are lots more hairball creature pictures on PeoplePets.com, so go check them out, too!


  1. Good heavens! The publicist finds floating things all over the house from the Farm Cats. Furminator could move in here and it still wouldn't be enough!

    Ted is very cute

  2. I have to say that is kind of creepy!!!!! :)

  3. OK. It wasn't creepy till I saw the whole process. Now it's just a teensy bit creepy. LOL.

  4. "Dis Too KEWT!!!!"
    Big Bad Baby Twinkle

    Pee Ess -- Sweet Cee Cee kitty sez : "Hey Meowmie -- Yoo cudda made A SCILLION Toys frum my flowing harefurs!!!!"

  5. So you're the one who made the fish. We had fun making a fur creature too.

  6. You guys are really creative with your extra fur! Ted ROCKS!

  7. HI !!!! How wonderful to find someone who loves loves loves cats like I do. Since I am a widow of 65 I can only care for my 2 crazy & wonderful siameses, Spencer (4) & Benny (2). They are MY KIDS.
    I have found good homes for many strays thay I have sobbed my head off when I had to say good bye but at least I know that they are safe & warm & loved! I am very happy to know you & will often check your sweet website! Love Kara


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