May 6, 2011

Don't Mess With the Orange Kitten

On your left, the orange kitten with his peach fuzz just growing in... And on your right, the scrappy gray tabby trying to earn his stripes.

Which kitten will come out victorious? Here's a hint: The tabby kid goes flying.

BONUS CUTE: What is it with ginger kitties? Check out this one beating up a doggie.


  1. And this is why Rumblemum LOVES the orange.

  2. Have only ever had female gingers (uncommon) They were the sweetest natured cats. This little guy is gorgeous - both of them are

  3. Little ginger certainly seems to have it all over little Tabby - is that Mumma and another litter-mate watching on?

  4. That is one scrappy orange kitty.He showed that little tabby kitty.Great video.

  5. MOL..Smart kitty just lay down and watch the fighting show : )


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