May 7, 2011

Cat vs. Pinata

How come no one has ever thought of this before? (That I know of anyway.) Cats love to thwap stuff, so it just makes sense that they'd love to paw and pat at a pinata full of yummy treats!

Pimp's birthday is coming up in a couple months... Maybe I'll get him a pinata like this kitty had!


  1. Now Harley and I want a Pinata, too!

  2. Oh gosh we want one of those for sure. Wonder where we can get on that comes open that easily. Charlie really cleaned up on that one.

  3. So cute! Who's going into the Cat Pinata bussiness now?

  4. I want one filled with apples and grain!

  5. Now that is a cute way for kitty to pass the time, and then to get a treat reward in the end is even better.


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