May 24, 2011

Two Cats Tuesday: Moo for President!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today is a big day over here. Moo would like to officially announce his candidacy for president!

That's right... Moo for president! It was only a matter of time before we had our first cat president, and that time is now.

He even has a website:!

You would vote for me, right?

Moo will be campaigning and he hopes to have all of your support! He is running as part of the Cute Party, which I'm sure you are all proud members of. (You are, right?!)

We'll soon have badges you can add to your blogs, stickers, buttons, yard signs (OK, maybe not yard signs... but maybe!) and Moo will no doubt be making some statements and discussing the things he wants to accomplish as president (unlimited treats, TNR support, more boxes to sleep in, etc.).

In the meantime, you can "Like" his Moo for President Facebook page and follow him at @MooForPresident on Twitter!

Think this is a little crazy? We don't! Our cats rule over us anyway, so why not let them rule the country? It's only the next obvious step.

Here's a short statement from Moo:

"Oh, hi. My name is Moo and I'm running for President. My brother, Pimp, is going to be my running mate and together we plan to take over the world! (Oops, I mean, we plan to make this country -- and the world -- a much cuter place.) We're convinced that cute is the cure for all the mess out there lately. I hope you'll support me!"

We're super excited about Moo doing this, and have lots of fun and exciting things planned!

Don't forget to check out!


  1. Can I be your Secretary of Grain?

  2. Moo - you can count on my vote pal, cuz cute you are!

  3. Finally a candidate I can get behind with my whole heart!!

  4. A candidate worthy of EVERYONE'S vote!!!

  5. Why not? Seems as reasonable as many others.

  6. You have my vote!!!  And you can put a yard sign in my yard!!!  The country needs more cute and you're the one who can do it!!!  You and Pimp!!!

  7. Oh Moo, we sure will vote for you. We heartily agree that cats rule and so we sure need a cat president. We are all for ya. Take care

  8. I think it's a wonderful idea.  Are you the mystery guest for Oprah's last show?

  9. I will absolutely vote for Moo because 1.  He is so handsome, 2. we need a cat for president and 3.  he is a better candidate than anybody else running so far  --- GO MOO  !!!

  10. Go Moo!   I can't wait for mandatory naps to be the first law!!!

  11. Jack will definitely vote for Moo!

  12. My late cate Annabelle Hillary Aurora Pusskin decided to run for Senator from Virginia and got so far as to issue a list of acceptable campaign bribes -- er, contributions:  shrimp, crabmeat, turkey breast!  Her signs were calico colored, like her, and she ran on the slogan Vote for Annabelle: You can count on my self-interest!"  Then she withdrew.  She thought it was beneath her to be just one of 100! 


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