May 26, 2011

Little Chihuahua Protects His Toy from Big Dog

Pablo the cow-spotted chihuahua has a stuffed frog toy. It's his stuffed frog toy, and he's not about to give it up to his big Doberman brother, Ramses. Pablo is one tough little dude!

But as tough as Pablo is, just look at how sweet Ramses is. Isn't he the most perfect gentle giant? He's so good with his tiny brother!

BONUS CUTE: Pablo wasn't so brave the last time he was on the Cute...


  1. That little doggie is just teasing the big doggie. Too cute. The doberman sure is a nice dog.

  2. Teasing and taunting, he knows exactly what he is doing!  Smart little dog!  The big dog likes the game, too!

  3. that was adorable! Reminded me of the chihuahua that lives across the hall from us!

  4. Ah, Pablo is purring! ... wait, what? That's not a purr?

  5. I love Pablo and Ramsey!  I've seen many of their videos, and I visit their website ( often.


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