Oct 16, 2009

Chihuahua Wants His Bone... But the Dobie's Got It!

Pablo wants his bone, but it seems that his big brother -- and I do mean BIG brother -- is holding it hostage. Is Pablo the little cow-chihuahua brave enough to try and get his bone from his Doberman buddy?

Watch and find out (meanwhile, I'll be heading to the post office to figure out how to mail Pablo 100 bones of his own!)... ;)

Another cute chihuahua video, please.


  1. Oh good for you to think about mailing Pablo some bones. We should all do that, poor dog.

  2. What a sad little voice! I do not think I would try to get the bone, either.

  3. Poor little chihuahua! It really looked like he was going to get brave there for a minute ;)


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