Oct 13, 2009

Two Cats Tuesday: It's Treat Time!

Pimp wants his treats. Now.Yay! It's Two Cats Tuesday again! This is my favorite day of the week on the Cute. :)

Today you get to see Pimp and Moo in action -- eating treats! I don't know about you all, but my two babies love their treats, specifically Greenies. But they're very particular about how I "serve" them.

You see, before Moo came along, I'd just pile a few on the floor and Pimp would chow down happily, purring all the way through. But now, with Moo the Menace around, I have to feed them right to their little mouths, one at a time, to make sure that they each get their fair share (otherwise Moo will bogart the whole pile and Pimp -- poor thing -- will just give up and resign himself to not getting any).

Anyway, this "one at a time" passing out of treats lends itself to some extreme cuteness. Moo knows when it's his turn (or when he thinks it should be his turn again), and makes his move...

Have you ever seen cuter treat-eating?!


  1. Moo does like his treats for sure and Pimp is very polite. Our mom is mean, she doesn't give us any treats. Maybe now that she has seen this, she will get us some. We don't have a lot of money so it is kind of hard on her.

  2. It is sooooo cute how Moo grabs onto your hand to get his treat!

  3. Treats! nom nom nom!
    That's how we have to eat our treats too because Ferris would bogart the entire pile!

  4. I luvs how Pimp has to shake and kill hims Greenies furst BOL! Our Abigail, RIP, used to grab mom's hand and pull it to her mouf for Greenies but I think Moo is nicer about it coz I dinnot hear you yelling "OWIE" like mom used to!

  5. Treats are good. But of course mine are apples and such. I am sure Pimp and Moo would not like apples....

  6. No fair, Moo got more than Pimp, I was counting...

  7. Our Pixie is the pest/hog at our house, he wouldn't even be as polite as Moo about waiting a turn, he'd be trying to intercept the ones going to Pimp! MOL

    Thanks for coming by our bloggie so much lately, sorry it's taken us so long to get back to yours!

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  8. They share very nicely!

  9. OMC! So CUTE I luvs it! You fink havings two kitties is tough...try us three when momma gets out da treats MOL hehehe

    She has to has me on da counter, brofur on one side, and sisfur on the other side of her. It can be nuts hehehe


  10. They are so cute! It's sweet how Moo holds on to your hand and Pimp has to shake it before eating it. Adorable!

  11. Marg, they're worth every penny just to see your kitties love them. :)

    Daisy, I know! He's my little cuddlebug.

    Creek Cats, I bet Ferris would get along with Moo...

    Shawnee, yeah, Moo doesn't really bite, it's more of an excited nibble. He can't eat it fast enough!

    Annabelle, he's got that begging thing down. It works every time!

    Sadermaxx, thanks!

  12. Pricilla, I don't know... I think Pimp will eat ANYTHING. Only thing he runs from is toothpaste when I'm brushing my teeth.

    Grace, oh no! I better keep better track next time...

    Kitty Krew, no problem! I love your blog -- thanks for stopping by mine!

    CatLadyDiary.com, yes, they are good boys. I couldn't have ask for a better pair.

    Baby Patches, I can only imagine. It must be a madhouse at treat time over there!

    Lin, he gets sillier every day -- and I love it.

    Beaded Tail, you know... I didn't even notice the shake Pimp does until I watched the video. What a cutie his is for sure!

  13. What a couple of great guys..and they've got YOU well trained, too! [grin]

  14. Moo is so cute grabbing your hand. Pimp is very polite! They are both so pretty!

  15. I love this! I have to do this too! Benny likes his on the floor but will get them gobbled up by Lenny. So, I give Benny his few and than hand feed Lenny! silly kittens!


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