Jun 6, 2011

Spider Cats Climbing the Walls!

Spiders cats, spider cats. Do whatever a spider can...

We joke about kittens being crazy and energetic and climbing the walls, but these two kitties are actually doing it.

Something tells me this family is going to have their hands full with this fuzzy pair!

BONUS CUTE: Moose the ridiculously adorable kitten likes to climb, too.


  1. Oh my. I see much sheetrocking ahead

  2. Wow - that is some agile pair of kitties.   Never seen a kitty do that before.

  3. Enjoyed this spider-cats! Coincidence, my kits just learned to do this.. plus last night, our little girl learned to climb on doors, closets and even the overhead storage unit.. just one jump... getting down is a tough deal though ;)  

  4. And they figured out how to get down. That is the good news.

  5. OMC! How in da worlds? MOL hehe dat wall must let dere little claws digs in!

  6. how cute, not just one climbing kitten but two, that house will always be interesting.


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