Jun 30, 2011

Tiny and His Girlfriend

Tiny is a handsome Snowshoe man-cat who is a little shy around the ladies. He's not exactly sure what to do, but his girlfriend is persistent. She keeps sassily walking up to him and looking at him with those flirting eyes.

She may not be like other kitties, but Tiny loves her just the same.


  1. The other cat is like: Yo, Tiny! The cat ain't real dude!! :-)

  2. TIny iz saying "Yeah sure...uh huh-- I will HUMOR this HOOMAN-- and put my SCENT All over this Faux Kitteh!!!" (But it is a NICE-lookin' stachoo anyway!!)

  3. I am a little bit disappointed that Tiny did not try to sniff her butt.

  4. MOL hehe momma say why he is wondering why dis kitty isn't rubbing hims back! Handsome snowshoe dat Tiny.


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