Jun 28, 2011

Two Cats Tuesday: We Both Got Busted!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! This week both Pimp and Moo got busted doing something I never thought I'd see them do.

Remember the donut bed I bought them? The one I was so sure they wouldn't use that I even posted about "humans trying to hard" on my Catster blog?

Well, those two boys proved me wrong! I caught both of them on that donut at separate times. And good thing I had my iPhone around to prove it, because otherwise I think you might not believe me.

I even have my paw outstretched. I do that when I'm REALLY comfy.

Can you believe that? We were lying in bed and he actually got off the bed, nonchalantly walked over to the donut, circled on it and found a good spot. I was shocked! And excited. So I took a picture, of course.

And then a couple days later, I walked into the bedroom and...

I wanted to be on the donut, too! It's a yummy spot to sleep.

I walked in the bedroom, saw Moo on the donut and very quietly, very slowly walked right back out (to get my camera, of course). I didn't want to ruin the moment! Plus, you know how cats are... if he knew I was happy he was lying there, he would have gotten right up and moved.

So the donut is a success! I've only seen each of them on there once (with pictures to prove it), but I'm thinking they may have gotten on it a couple times when I'm not home, too. I'll keep keeping an eye out!

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  1. Oh I believe you trust me - cat's are so clever!!!!!

  2. They had to do it on THEIR TERMS, not when you wanted them to!! LOL

  3. Well good boys for getting on or in the donut bed Guess it all depends on what mood they are in. Maybe they like the sprinkles. Have a great day.

  4. I think you need another donut - maybe chocolate glazed this time.heh

  5. I think you need another donut AND maybe another kitty!  :)  (can't blame me for trying...I'm in rescue!  LOL) 

  6. I love the donut bed! Glad they are now using it. Aren't they funny, when we think one way they think another! 

  7. Daisy, you always have the cutest comments. :)

  8. :)  Who can resist donuts??

  9. Of course they've tried the new donut bed out! Just like my foster never comes to bed with me but her Daddy does. However, I've come in and found her on my bed or coming out of my bedroom. Guess where she was. One night I didn''t even want to disturb her and slept on the sofa as it's so rare. We are silly people.

  10. OMG, where do you buy that?

  11. I got it at Walgreens a while back. I bet you can find it if you Google it though!


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