Jul 2, 2011

"Walking for Kisses" - Starring Pork Chop the Cat

Easily the best short film I've ever seen. Walking for Kisses combines action, a beautiful love story and a really, really cute cat named Pork Chop.

The plot is simple, but perfect: Pork Chop walks for kisses.

This one's been making the rounds, so thanks to The Daily What, Catsparella, Huffington Post and whoever made the first find of the gem! Love it!


  1. Laila and MinchieJuly 2, 2011 at 9:43 AM

    Oh so sweet!

  2. I have such a deep love and respect for a man who loves kitties! 'Makes him a good soul!

  3. That is so sweet;I would not go for a guy who does not like cats

  4. That is so funny. What a cute kitty. Nothing better than a guy that loves cats.

  5. I'm not sure what Iove most about this - the 'walking for kisses' part, or that there is a man who 'walks for kisses' with his cat! :D


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