Jul 3, 2011

Two Puppies on Swings

Really, the title says it all. Just two adorable puppies swinging away in on a swingset. The one on the right gets extra bonus cute points for sitting so perfectly with his little legs out and everything.


NOTE FROM CUTE: I'll post tomorrow, but I wanted to just wish everyone who doesn't come by on the holiday a happy and safe 4th of July. Be careful with fireworks and bring your outside pets in if you can! Have fun!

P.S. Pimp's birthday is tomorrow!


  1. This is gorgeous and they are thoroughly enjoying themselves in a light breeze swaying gently - love it!

  2. Too cute! Happy Fourth "Cute" and Company!

  3. That is hysterical. It is just amazing what people do with their animals and the animals love doing it. We hope you have a nice safe Fourth too. 

  4. he he - never seen a doggie swinging before. .


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