Jul 6, 2011

Seagull Steals Video Camera and Takes It for a Ride

A guy is filming a seagull from his level on the ground in Cannes, France, when suddenly the seagull decides that the camera should be his. So he steals it and flies off with it!

By far, the best parts of this video is that you can hear the birdie breathing and he flies off and his "talking" when he finally puts the camera down over on a nearby castle wall. So cute!

The guy did get his camera back! He said the camera has a fish-eye lens so it looks like the birdie flew a lot farther than he really did. But he did have to climb a big wall to get it... Silly bird!

BONUS CUTE: Another seagull steals cat food!

Thanks to Cute's fabulous friends at The Kitten Crew for sharing seagull steals camera video!


  1. That is such a funny clip.  Just saw it on the news last night too.   Dat guys a little thief!  

  2. LOL! "Hey! Hey!"  I like how the birdie just dropped the camera and then it sounded like he pecked at it for a while.

  3. amazing video! i like that he placed it down and didn't drop he...prob he thought it was food and something really great since it was so heavy. poor birdie! 

  4. Silly bird! Maybe it thought, 'Fisheye! Mmmm!' and flew off, looking forward to tasting it! Still, bad bird as bad photographer!

  5. I think the seagull was disappointed it was not dinner.

  6. Hahaha! That is so funny! I love how it captures the criminal's face too!  

  7. LOVE THIS! I can't believe he found the camera!


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