Jul 1, 2011

Kitten Can't Get Off the Couch

Sweet little kitten is working on mustering up her kitty courage to get off the couch. She mews and mews, and mom comes over to help her down. But even with Mom's loving grip, she's still a little 'fraidy cat.

Don't worry, though. She gets a help from another friendly hand and scoots right over to mom again.

BONUS CUTE: This ladder kitty ain't afraid of nothin'!


  1. lol! mama cat cannot get her kitten coz the videoman keep coming closer...maybe mama cat thinks videoman will really help her no matter what..that is...

  2. Thank Cod for those humans to help the little kitten off the sofa. Too cute. Love the video

  3. What a good Mommeh! And sometimes everybuddy can use a helping hand.

  4. That is a scaredy kitten for sure

  5. That was precious! I love how kitties Mommy just didn't want to leave her baby behind! Couches can be so scary!!!!


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