Aug 24, 2011

Amazingly Strong Kitten

What do you do when you're playing with your cat toy and all of the sudden it rolls under something and you can't get to it anymore?

Well, if you're this show-off strong cat, you just grab that huge piece of furniture and move it out of the way like it's no big deal. Nothin' doin'.

P.S. Cute is so excited about BlogPaws tomorrow! Can't wait to meet new friends there and catch up with old ones. If you're going, please make sure to find me and say hi! And if you're not (booooo!), make sure you follow @YourDailyCute on Twitter and like our Facebook page for all the updates and pictures and fun times!


  1. and a smart kitty too!

  2. Oh my, we laughed out loud at that one!

  3. That was great! Have a great time at BlogPaws!!! Look forward to pictures!!

  4. That was not something new to THAT cutie!  And the young one who has been mentored by the master!

  5. WOW!!! THAT DOSE'NT EVEN LOOK REAL. But it still cute.


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