Aug 25, 2011

Otter Plays With Puppy

This is probably the most unlikely pair of friends I've ever seen, but that's what makes it so cute. Apparently this river otter stops by every afternoon to roughhouse a with his doggie buddy!

P.S. Heading off to BlogPaws today! I'm going to miss Pimp and Moo a lot, but they'll be in good hands with their friend, Al. He's about the only person Moo isn't scared of (he's a cuddlebug to me, but a giant fraidy cat for every one else). So excited to see old friends and meet new ones there! I'll post updates!


  1. Have fun at BlogPaws.  Tell them there should be hooves too

  2. Adorable! I love tales of inter-species friendship. I'm terribly jealous to read that you're at BlogPaws! Perhaps next time for me. 


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