Oct 17, 2011

Mexican Hat Dance Kitten

Fritz the kitten is putting on an impressive little dancing frenzy here!

He found the randomest thing to be his dancing partner, too -- a die (as in one of a pair of dice)! The music is what really puts this video over the top. Perfect!

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  1. I was expecting to see Moo in a sombrero! 

  2. Cute but kitten should be dancing around a hat, or what's the point of the music???

  3. That is such a cute video and you are right, the music is perfect. Great dancer. 

  4. Were we that silly when we were small?

  5. Awwww, I love kittens!! Oh, to make a HUGE battle out of the smallest things. :)  So SILLY!

  6. I LUV the teenietiny white tip on his tail!

  7. OMG!!!! How adorable !!! The music was purrfect !!


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