Apr 4, 2012

Baby Chick Falls Asleep on Cat

I can't think of a softer pillow than a kitty, and it looks like this baby chick can't either. He snuggled up in Oscar the cat's fuzzy neck and just got so comfy that he drifted off to sleep.

Sweet dreams, little chicky. I wish I was small enough to sleep on my cats like that. Every time I try and use one as a pillow they just get aggravated and leave. ;)

NOTE FROM CUTE: Thanks for all the support on the Save Loews Cats Facebook page, everyone! Keep it coming. We're drumming up some local media attention, and hopefully that will lead to national news. Please keep posting comments on that Facebook page to let them know we are NOT OK with them trapping the cats as inhumanely like they are and giving up on their TNR program. We want the media to see all the comments!


  1. Looks like Oscar is getting sleepy, too. :-)

  2.  Awwwwsomely
    cute!!! Okay, I'm not going to say anything (much, anyway) about how
    the cat is just waiting for there not to be a camera trained on him, so
    he can eat this little chicken nugget!!! :-)

  3. Kitty might be thinking this looks cute but if this chick is my conscience I gotz purroblems...MOL

  4. I am not sure the kitty is truly happy...

    How did Pimp make out?

  5. Oh - that is so adorable!

  6. absolutely gorgeous its a real awwwwww

  7. Too sweet for words!

  8. Just in time for Easter- a sweet little chick together with one of our best friend, totgehter in harmony! Wonderful and uplifting.

    Got news about Pimp ?

  9. What a sweet and patient kitty!  S/he stayed so still, even when the chick was leaning on it's whiskers - usually that would provoke a twitch or two in a cat.  And it looked like the kitty was concerned when the chick slipped off.  That is one wonderful kitty - must have been a Mom.  >^..^<

  10. Awwww he really fell asleep xD

    ~ Kieli ~


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