Apr 5, 2012

Mama Cat Rescues Her Baby

Well, actually, mama cat tries her very best to rescue her baby from this tree. But the baby is a hard-headed determined little kitten who will not be told to come down. She will come down on her own, thankyouverymuch!

I am imagining mama is yelling at her like, "Young lady, you get down here right this minute!"


Loews cats update: Six cats trapped so far. One was trapped yesterday and apparently left in the trap for hours, howling in the hot sun. I'm going to do my best to keep the Cute a happy place, so please follow the Save Loews Cats Facebook page for the latest info on this horrible situation and show your support. I'm doing my best to make a difference, and it's getting increasingly frustrating when it seems it's not. :(

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  1. Awww... Cute, even though Mother Cat went down to ground, probably saying (in Cat, of course!), 'Okay, stay there. Stay right there, kitten.' Mother knows that the kitten will disobey whatever she says, so ... >^.^< 

  2. Hooray!  Gees, that mommeh was BRAVE! She would have had her too if that darn kitten would have just let go.  That is a good mommeh!!

  3. You are making a difference!

  4. thank god the baby followed mommy's lead and shimmied down the tree after her. i had to hold my breath even watching it! Praying for the Loews cats! <3 sending kitty love their way 

  5. Children are all the same, aren't they? I could feel mom's frustration that kitty just wouldn't listen and wouldn't let go!

  6. Brave little Momma! Hope she and baby were spayed soon after this!
    Praying for Lowe's cats.. So sad :*(

  7. Baby just needed a little instruction. Good mama!

  8. Exceptionally smart mommy, however, she looks to be very, very young herself - still has kittenish features, but a clever mom indeed.  I also hope they are both spayed sooner rather than later, and also kept inside so there are no more 'misadvertures'.  Beautiful babies, both.

  9. LOL What a troublesome lil' tyke. But I'm glad that the kitten was able to get down. Kids always give their parents near heart attacks xD

    ~ Kieli ~


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