Apr 1, 2012

Neighborhood Cat Meets the Neighborhood Deer

The locals, a herd of six deer and the neighborhood cat, meet for the first time. As the deer come strolling single-file down the hill, they see something fuzzy sitting in the bushes... and stop.

What is this little guy? He seems harmless. Perhaps we should sniff him out!

So, slowly and timidly, they approach. Kitty is unsure, and changes his mind from wanting to meet them to hiding, to wanting to meet them, then hiding again.

I keep waiting for them to boop noses. Either way, animals are beautiful, aren't they? I think these deer just wanted to make friends!

BONUS CUTE: Another deer meets cat video!


  1. Oh, deer!  That is so sweet!

  2. Awwwwsomely cute the way this cat wanted to meet the dear deer!!!

  3. hehe - so cute.   

  4. Or they think the bunny knows where the carrots are...... poor kitty thinking my goodness they think I'm dinner.......

  5. My cousins! They might think the kitty is a fearsome hunter!

  6. Not exactly Bambi and Thumper...

  7. Woweee! That sure was sweet. I wish they could have met with their noses. 

  8. A precious moment of introduction captured! Loved that!!


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