Apr 21, 2012

Baby Kitten Kneading Away to Her Heart's Content

Baby Maui was just a few weeks old in this video -- plenty old enough to know that she loved the bathroom rug.

I once had a bathroom rug that Pimp would do exactly this to! It was kind of a shag rug, and he loves to knead and kind of suck on the strings. I have no idea why. I actually had to get rid of it because it was always wet... and not from my freshly showered feet -- from Pimp!

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  1. that is so sweet...he says: I likes to bury my face in de carpet and spread out my toes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awwwdorable ^1000000!!! His paws are moving such that I can't count them -- polydactyl or ...???

    1. I wondered about that too but oh so sweet. My Mia does that before she drinks water, very strange!

  3. Those feet, so sweet!  Harley kneads like a maniac whenever he gets on our Ikea lamb rug. 

  4. Taken from Mom too soon; feels just like her.. trying to get the milk.

  5. What a sweet kitty.....lovin the rug!! 

  6. Why baby Maui makes biscuits: It's nursing behavior. That's what they on Mama on either side of the teat when nursing.

  7. Must feel like his mama's belly

  8. I love how she has her face planted to the rug and even with the owner petting her she won't stop kneading xD

    ~ Kieli ~


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