Apr 22, 2012

Sneaky Kitten Behind the Curtain

You want to play hide and seek with a kitten? You can try... but they know where you are... and they are not afraid to swat at you when you come close to their hiding place!

P.S. So yesterday I was going to run the 7 Mile Bridge Run in the Keys. I went out... It was pouring! And lightning and thundering really. My friend and I were really questioning our sanity, but if they didn't cancel the race, we were going! I mean, we drove three hours for this and paid for a hotel stay!

Anyway, we went to the start line. We stood in the pouring rain, distant thunder and impending lightning like idiots. Adventure! And one minute before the official start, they cancelled the race. I'm kind of relieved, because I was really doubting my senses, but I didn't want to quit. So, thankfully, they quit for me.

It stinks because there is no refund or reschedule, but it was the right decision. And no worries -- I'm still on vacation in Key West with Tamar from I Have Cat! The fun times must go on! :)

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  1. What a cute little kittie & very determined to get that hand.  

  2. What a cute kitty and determined to save his hiding spot. Sure glad you didn't go running in the lightning. Take care

  3. Hope you are having a good time despite the weather!

  4. Kitten determination is hard to ignore or do *anything* about! (Despite the rain, hope you had a great day!)

  5. Oh gosh!!! How cuteeeeee of your Kitten!!!! Her? eyes are so lovely!!! Desire to embrace her~
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