Apr 27, 2012

Dishwasher Cat is Doing the Dishes

If your cats are lazy creatures who just lounge around the house all day napping and eating, then you better show them this video ASAP. Turns out some cats are actually pulling their weight around the house and earning their keep!

Where can I get an enthusiastic dishwasher cat like this? I hate dishes almost as much as I hate putting away laundry... He'd be a huge help!

BONUS CUTE: Perhaps you'd prefer a doggie dishwasher instead?


  1. That is too funny, he looks as though he is really enjoying it funny cats we have!!

  2. I tried to show this to Lenny and Benny and tell them how helpful they could be...they rolled over and went back to their kitty naps! teehee 

  3. Hey  Grayball does not do that WTH!!!!

  4. hahaha! the only time bandit goes near the sink is to beg for water....he did not appreciate my giggling at this video. so now he's gonna go be a sloth some more. i need to post a picture of his sloth-ness one of these days so y'all know what i'm talking about haha!

  5. When I thought cats hate water, my cats will just run away like crazy. That is one cute dishwasher

  6. wasn't this just hilarious! I posted it a day or so ago too...loved it!


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