Apr 24, 2012

Gentle Gorilla Picks a Kitty Playmate

In the latest video proving why animals are such amazing creatures, Koko the gorilla gets to pick a playmate from a litter of five adorable kittens. He takes a look, reaches into the carrier and chooses his favorite.

It's a sweet orange baby, and Koko is incredibly gentle and loving with him, like he knows he has to be extra careful as if it was his own baby. Koko cradles the baby and pets him and even shields his head as he closes the carrier door.

And notice how not scared the kitten is, like he knows that Koko is a friend who won't hurt him. Don't you just love relationships between animals?

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  1. so special!  I cried when All Ball died.... so sad for KoKo to loose her special friend.

  2. Oooo~ How cuteeee of they two!!! :D
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